With the faithful support of St. Bernadette, St. Catherine of Alexandria, and Our Lady of Good Hope Parishes, Northwest Catholic School is a premier Catholic school serving the communities of the Northwest side of Milwaukee.

At Northwest Catholic School, we believe that God is present in all that we do. We are respectful, responsible, and ready to shine with God’s love!

All people are equally loved by and special to God, and we strive to emulate these loving relationships in our school community. Every child has the right to learn in a safe and loving environment. With Christ at the center of our school, our students and staff model caring and respectful relationships with others. Students feel safe and comfortable in their classes and develop lasting relationships with their peers.

We believe that this faith-filled environment is the reason for our students’ success — both in the classroom and in life. Northwest Catholic School develops future leaders with strong moral character.

Our supporting Parishes welcome you and invite you to join their rich and vibrant parish communities.

faith-based elementary school children
St. Catherine of Alexandria
St. Bernadette
Our Lady of Good Hope