At Northwest Catholic School, our mission is to serve a diverse urban community through strong academics and service rooted in the Catholic tradition. We form productive citizens who live the message of Jesus Christ.


“Guided by our Catholic values, Northwest Catholic School students are respectful citizens, responsible learners, and ready to serve.”


We believe that:

  • Each person has God-given human dignity, is unique and is treated with utmost respect.
  • A Christ-centered approach to holistic education, focusing on Gospel values, can enhance our community and our world.
  • The family is indivisible from the education of the child.
  • Every family who desires it has a right to a quality, Catholic education that is accessible, available and affordable.
  • Each person can learn and is challenged by high academic standards and supported to achieve them by engaging in the learning process from multiple perspectives.
  • Providing a sense of unity among our campuses and safe environments contribute to rich student learning experiences.
  • Developing self-worth, self-esteem, and self-control are at the heart of successful learning.
  • Diversity of race, creed, gender and economic status enhances our learning community.


We believe that:

  • All children can learn.
  • A quality academic program is essential.
  • Parents have the primary responsibility for their children’s education and faith formation.
  • Respect and honesty are both the right and responsibility of all persons.
  • Learning the creed, sacred scripture, and traditions of the Catholic Church are essential to our children’s faith development.
  • A partnership with the parents is essential to prepare and assist our children to learn and live the Catholic faith.
  • We show Christ’s love for all by serving one another.

We believe in:

  • Parental participation.
  • The uniqueness of all individuals.
  • The respect for property and the environment.