MEET THE Northwest Catholic School FACULTY & STAFF

Did you know that 60% of our teaching staff boasts 10 or more years of experience?

They know the best ways to help our students shine — and have the track record to prove it!


Fr. Mike Barrett,

Pastor of Our Lady of Good Hope Parish


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Fr. Greg Greiten,

Pastor of St. Bernadette Parish


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Debra Hintz,

Parish Director of

St. Catherine of Alexandria

414-365-2020, ext. 11

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Michelle Paris,


414-352-6927 ext 303

M.ED. in Educational Leadership from Marquette University; BA Secondary Education, English from UW-Eau Claire

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Connie Peterson,

Academic Dean

414-352-6927 ext 331

Bachelors Degree in English from the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities

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Wanda Melton,

Lower Campus

School Counselor

414-352-6927 ext 312

Master’s in School Counseling from Mount Mary University; Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Upper Iowa University

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Kaitlyn Buss,

Administrative Assistant

414-352-6927 ext 300

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Linda Goeden,

Admissions Assistant 

414-352-6927 ext. 302

Bachelor’s Degree – Public Relations from Mount Mary University

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Mary Fliss,

Kitchen Manager

414-352-6927 ext 212

Associate’s Degree – Retail Management from MATC

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Tammy Knapton,

K4 Teacher

414-352-6927 ext 305

Bachelor’s Degree – Early Childhood Education from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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Susanna Stubbs,

2nd Grade Teacher

414-352-6927 ext 309

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Stephanie Synold,

2nd Grade Teacher

414-352-6927 Ext. 321

Master’s in Teaching from Cardinal Stritch University

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Todd Osterman,

3rd Grade Teacher

414-352-6927 ext 321

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Nicole Devine,

4th Grade Teacher

414-352-6927 ext 319

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Tolanda Nelson,

5th Grade Teacher

414-352-6927 ext 322

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Jelani Mbalia,

6th Grade Teacher

414-352-6927 ext 325

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Terrence Johnson,

7th Grade Teacher

414-352-6927 ext 315

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Susan Booth,

8th Grade Teacher

414-352-6927 ext 311

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Winnie Sartoris,

Learning Support

414-352-6927 ext 314

BS degree in English and Speech Communications from State University College in Brockport, NY; MS degree in Speech Communications from Emerson College, Boston; post Master’s study in School Supervision and Administration at Fordham University, New York.

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Jack Clifford,

Art Teacher

414-352-6927 ext 317

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Jason Spottek,

Music Teacher

414-352-6927 ext 326 

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Jason Malstch,

Physical Education

414-352-6927 ext 300

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Mary Jauch,

Educational Assistant

414-352-6927 ext 300

Associate’s Degree – Child Development

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Camille Riedijk,

Educational Assistant

414-352-6927 ext 300

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