At Northwest Catholic School, our goal is to provide a high quality, faith-based education for the students we serve. Our faculty and support staff are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of the individual child.

Through a strong curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, and exposure to the arts, our educational focus helps develop the gifts of the whole child — mind, body, and spirit.

We offer our students the opportunity to develop spiritually, serve others, and participate in athletics, music, and other extracurricular activities. In addition, we are an official Boys & Girls Club site, offering child care to meet the needs of our families.

At Northwest Catholic School, we are a community of learners here to support our students.


When my son, Jacobe, started school at Northwest Catholic, I was going through struggles. I worried constantly that my struggles would negatively affect my son and his education. The principal invited me into her office and she listened to me — she was genuinely concerned for me and my son.

From that point, I knew Jacobe was not just going to any school — our family was part of a support team. They kept my son on track during the most difficult times. When times are hard, it’s easy to fall back into old, bad habits — but Northwest Catholic gave me and my son a structure that would help him succeed. Once you see the positive, you want to keep the positive.

When Jacobe was 9, I was working on getting my GED. The staff tutored me, and Jacobe was proud of me. The school provided critical resources and I was empowered to be a good example for my son. The Catholic education is the glue that keeps my family together. My kids will go to church on their own if need be. It’s instilled in them, even during the summer.

Jacobe is now in 7th grade. He has grown into a loving, sweet boy who enjoys playing football and going to school. I have a 3.4 GPA at MATC and am working towards an Associate Degree in Human Services. We are forever grateful to God and Northwest Catholic.

Kamisha Wells, Parent
Fast Facts: Why to Choose Northwest Catholic School