At Northwest Catholic School, we pride ourselves on going beyond the core curriculum to provide a quality, holistic education for all our students. Our core curriculum is enhanced with specials classes in music, art, and physical education as well as technology training. These classes are offered at every grade level.

By providing these opportunities and instruction, our students are prepared to be citizens in our modern, innovative world. At Northwest Catholic School, our students are ready to SHINE!


Each campus has a dedicated art room for students to create and express themselves. Students participate in art enrichment activities that enhance their knowledge of art and sparks imagination and creativity for all ages.


With our full-time music teacher, students explore the elements of music and present what they have learned at an annual Christmas concert for our Lower Campus and a Fine Arts Night for our Upper Campus. Plus there’s a spring musical. We incorporate the music classroom learning into school Prayer Services and Masses, and those students who are interested in private music lessons are able to take them after school.

Physical Education

We want our students to be healthy and active — it’s part of our commitment to holistic education in mind, body, and spirit. At Northwest Catholic School, physical education is a key element in educating the whole child. Through physical education classes, our students fine tune their motor skills and coordination. They learn about health-related fitness, sportsmanship and personal responsibility, and enjoy participating in lifetime sports and physical leisure activities.


In today’s modern world, knowledge of — and the ability to use — technology is an absolute must. Northwest Catholic School’s “smart” classrooms include the latest in state-of-the-art technology, providing students an interactive role in learning.

Teachers are equipped with Smart Boards, and every week students have access to additional technology in the computer lab. Students utilize iPads® and Chromebooks® for school projects and classroom presentations.

children doing art
students playing music
elementary students in physical education class